Rose’s Alpha Baker: The Red Velvet Rose P.35

Did you know that little city named Tyler, located only two hours east of Dallas Texas, has the largest amount of rose bushes per capita in addition to maintaining the largest rose garden in the entire United States? It’s such a big deal that the city hosts a big annual parade that celebrates roses where a new “Rose Queen” is named. It’s a big beautiful celebration of roses that happens each October annually. If you ever happen to be in east Texas be sure to check it out…you won’t regret! So naturally, this weeks cake is dedicated to the Texas Rose Festival and Rose Parade.

Rose Garden Museum, Tyler 2011.

To be honest, I never was drawn to eat a red cake. Naturally, I like that Rose gives the option to use beet instead of food coloring, and this is what I used to make my red velvet cupcakes. So during my last trip to the health store, I found a new organic vegetable-based food color, so I was happy to try it out instead of roasting some beets. Turns out, natural food color doesn’t give you the bright red or deep purple color that a traditional food color will. I decided not to re-make the cake, betting that the raspberry glaze will give the cake just the right red color that I’m seeking…and it sure did, just right. To accompany the cake, Rose recommended a whip cream, so I went just a step further. I recall how good the Raspberry Italian Meringue  from the “upside down Cran-Raspberry cake” was, so I decided to re-make it for this cake.(p.12) I figured it’s a rose cake, so why not add some flavor and aroma of a rose to it! So I added 1 TBS of rose water to the meringue. I then finished by sprinkling pistachio …I think it’s definitely a rose cake now!

The making of the cake takes simple steps, I started with making the Raspberry sauce.

raspberry sauce is done, next making the cake.

first, i mix all the liquid ingredients and put it aside.

second, i mixed all the dry ingredients. I than mixed the sugar, butter and coconut oil.

third, i added the flour mixture and the buttermilk.

finished with adding the liquid mixture.

last, pour the prepared batter to the well oiled pan.

cake is ready.

from an upside  look, all looking good and than….

The red velvet cake,isn’t ‘red’ at all!!! next, glaze the cooled cake with the raspberry sauce.

looks red to me now…and of course doing the honor of a first taste.

This cake is an uptown version of the southern classic Red Velvet Cake. The cream is light and fluffy and it accompanies the perfectly dense cake with its tart glaze. “This is the champagne of all red velvet cakes” said a native southern girl asking for her second piece!
Till next week,Enjoy!


  1. Vicki says:

    What a great combination with the Italian meringue and pistachios! The brand of natural color I used was India Tree and it turned out the same color as yours. Champagne of all red velvet cakes~perfect description of your lovely cake. It was a real big hit around my house. Kids even loved it.

    • orinlag says:

      I used india tree as well, now i know not to be lazy and just bake the beets…I had a late idea which i”ll try on my next baking of this cake and using a dehydrated strawberries or any red fruit and grind it to a powder and maybe that will make a difference.

  2. Milagritos says:

    What a gorgeous cake and presentation! Your plating skills are brilliant. Also, what a great idea to use rose extract for the cream. I have a hard time finding a natural red colouring that will stay red after baking. It doesn’t matter, the contrast between the inside of your cake vs the outside is lovely. Really well done!

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