Roses Alpha Bakers: Molasses Sugar Butter Cookies-p.341


molasses sugar butter cookies
Finally, incredibly easy to whip up a recipe that made the house smell excellent when baking. I made this recipe with two substitutions, I used an unsulphured molasses and unbleached all purpose flour. this made the cookie darker. They baked for exactly 8 minutes and begin to get hard quickly. at the moment of truth, my tasters weren’t all over this cookie, it was too sugary for them. but, they loved the chewy crisp texture. Despite, my crowed not being fan of these cookies, I definitely will bake them again for the holidays. only, next time I will roll them carefully with turbine or brown sugar for a less sugary version. Here how I made them:

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Rose’s Alpha Baker :’ GingerSnaps’ P. 338

white cofee and GingersnapWhile making the cookie dough, the aroma that filled the house took me back to the memories of my Grandma and Aunt who would make a fresh cooked “White Yemenite Coffee”. They would hand-grind the lightly roasted green coffee beans with cardamom and ginger. Then, they would take barley as well as corn and put it inside a big kettle filled with water and the coffee blend letting it cook slowly. While I waited impatiently for my cup of cofee, time seemed eternal… on the contrary to the coffee, the gingersnap cookies from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s new book “The Baking Bible” was a flash to make. This is a great recipe for a first time baker and is a quick and easy bake for those with limited time (i.e. the shorter version of chill time that is mentioned on page 339). Continue reading →