Roses Alpha Bakers: Lemon Icebox Cake -p.97


lemon icebox cake the baking bible

I guess I was a bit of a cake snob as I never made an angel food cake, usually it was all about the chocolate. well, to my satisfaction I grew out of it. Though as I get older I find that tangy,sour or a dark bitter chocolate is more to my liking. I am much more “adventurous” of trying new – anything. and it pays!

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Roses Alpha Bakers: Spritz Butter Cookies p.321

As I was making this cookies,I thought to myself how great is this recipe and perfect for the holidays time, as it’s so easy,fast and use ingredients everyone have at home.This recipe made it’s first appearance in the book “Rose’s Christmas Cookies”,this week were baking Spritz Butter Cookies,it’s holidays time!

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Roses Alpha Baker’s Pumpkin Pecan Pie p.264


Being relevantly new to America,Thanks Giving is pretty much a new holiday for me as a matter of fact my first thanksgiving was just couples years ago. For thanksgiving dinner every family has the one that sides of the pecan pie and the one with the pumpkin pie,I learned this pretty quick. if you’ll ask me what is my favorite  pecan or pumpkin pie? I’ll say neither.I find both too sweet and both have too much of the one ingredient.This week roses alpha bakers bake The Pumpkin Pecan pie, combining much most loved pies,Into one. Now how do I convince the ones that love pecan pie that a little of pumpkin only will make it better and vise versa ! ? Continue reading →

Rose’s Alpha Baker: Honey Cake For A Sweet New Year p.26

open picture

Honey Cake is traditionally served on “Rosh Hashanna” ,to symbolize a sweet Jewish new year. Like Rose, I never really cared for honey cake. Its usually quite heavy, dry and overly sweet, but that cup of tea or coffee is a must! Rose’ genius idea to add that cup of coffee to the batter created a moist cake. At first, I was a bit skeptical and hesitant about this cake from the large amount of sugar. The combination of brown sugar and honey created an interesting depth of flavor, very caramel-like. Clove, extra ginger and cinnamon turned a boring dry cake, into one with much character. Indeed, Rose has made a new name for the Honey Cake. Truly a cake that I will be proud to serve to Friends and Family for years to come.

honey cake for sweet new year

the best honey cake

look how moist this cake!

one slice at a time

Happy Holidays!