Rose’s Alpha Baker: Honey Cake For A Sweet New Year p.26

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Honey Cake is traditionally served on “Rosh Hashanna” ,to symbolize a sweet Jewish new year. Like Rose, I never really cared for honey cake. Its usually quite heavy, dry and overly sweet, but that cup of tea or coffee is a must! Rose’ genius idea to add that cup of coffee to the batter created a moist cake. At first, I was a bit skeptical and hesitant about this cake from the large amount of sugar. The combination of brown sugar and honey created an interesting depth of flavor, very caramel-like. Clove, extra ginger and cinnamon turned a boring dry cake, into one with much character. Indeed, Rose has made a new name for the Honey Cake. Truly a cake that I will be proud to serve to Friends and Family for years to come.

honey cake for sweet new year

the best honey cake

look how moist this cake!

one slice at a time

Happy Holidays!



Rose’s Alpha Baker: Perfect Peach Galette P. 197

I”ll admit I was a bit intimidated from this week project. To roll a dough and such a delicate one, as thin as possible…I could see how I can make it go wrong. So I almost didn’t make it for this  weeks project, but the peaches are still growing out here and it would be a shame not to make use of these yummy peaches. So I opted for the “thicker” version of the dough and made the recipe on page 188 instead page 187 (as suggested in the book). Surprisingly enough, I was doing just fine but don’t give me the credit, it’s this  dough that is just-right. The texture of the dough was flaky and buttery, and the texture of the peaches were excellent as well. My tasters loved that there is not much sugar in the recipe, which allowed us to appreciate the natural flavor of the peaches. Perfect yeah, but we more than agreed that it was absolutely “The Ultimate Peach Galette” that should definitely set the standards for the rest. So here is how to make it:

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