Rose’s Alpha Baker :’ GingerSnaps’ P. 338

white cofee and GingersnapWhile making the cookie dough, the aroma that filled the house took me back to the memories of my Grandma and Aunt who would make a fresh cooked “White Yemenite Coffee”. They would hand-grind the lightly roasted green coffee beans with cardamom and ginger. Then, they would take barley as well as corn and put it inside a big kettle filled with water and the coffee blend letting it cook slowly. While I waited impatiently for my cup of cofee, time seemed eternal… on the contrary to the coffee, the gingersnap cookies from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s new book “The Baking Bible” was a flash to make. This is a great recipe for a first time baker and is a quick and easy bake for those with limited time (i.e. the shorter version of chill time that is mentioned on page 339). Continue reading →