Rose’s Alpha Baker: 100% Whole Wheat Walnut Loaf P.499

There is nothing like making bread from scratch,the feels of the dough in your hand while kneading it, the waiting and watching how the dough rises and the smell of a fresh dough to become an amazing creation. Let me tell you, every time it gets me excited like a little girl.I will admit I must have baked hundred and different types of bread yet, it always seems to fascinate me and a sure way to satisfy my soul. I can still smell my parents’ house every Friday morning, waking up to the fragrant that filled the house,of my mom homemade challa bread. sure from time to time i loved the  convenience of just going to the local bakery. but, as good the bread is with no question of its quality, I still will always opt for a homemade bread. nothing you will experience at any bakery in the world.If you like me love to learn about the whole art of making a bread then, I absolutely recommended ” The bread bible”. If you feel a little skeptic of your ability than,feel free to check this group of talented bakers and learn from their experiences… I promise you’ll be hooked just like me! Whether you are an experienced home baker or always wanted to try making homemade bread,than the  100% whole wheat bread walnut loaf  is a good way to  start.

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