Rose’s Alpha Baker: Stilton Baby Cakes P.171

Shavuot is the holiday that celebrates the giving of the ‘Torah’ at Mount Sinai to the people of Israel. To celebrate the holiday, It is customary to eat dairy product’s hence many wonderfulness cheeses. Naturally, this week the ‘Roses Alpha Bakers’ baked Stilton baby cakes. I have never tried Stilton cheese, and once I tried it, I absolutely loved the crumbly and creamy texture that melts in your mouth. In addition, it has a unique nutty aroma that is just addictive. Making the cake was quick, and came with very clear instructions. To make the cake, I decided to use a 12 inch tart pan. Besides a couples of delays such as severe storms, tornado’s and no electricity, the reviews were, “wow, I can’t stop eating it”,also, “what a pleasant surprise, the blue cheese is right on point”, along with,“a well balanced cake, just the right amount of cheese to go with the crust” and “It will be great with a good steak”. Here is how I made the cake.

Toast walnut in the oven for 7 minutes, grind till fine in a food processor and than press the walnut to the bottom of the tart pan.

In a kitchen aid stir all dry ingredients till combined.

add cream cheese and continue to mix.

‘mash together blue-cheese and sour cream’.

add the blue-cheese mixture to he batter and continue to mix.

add the eggs and beat till the batter will be like sour cream.once ready, pour the batter to the pan and bake for 45 minutes.

Chill cake on a second wire rack, and transfer to  the refrigerator for at minimum of  4 hours.

well,some of us had to try the cake prior of  un-molding the cake, from the pan…..:-)

Enjoy and have a happy Shavuot all !




  1. faithy says:

    I like you baked in a tart pan! Such clever idea! Looks so pretty too! Thank you for explaining what Shavuot is. I was wondering what it was. Why is it customary to eat dairy products during Shavuot as celebration?

    • orinlag says:

      Thank you, one of the reason is Torah is comparative to milk,”Like honey and milk [the Torah] lies under your tongue” . Just as milk has the ability to fully nourish and fill the body of a human being example: a nursing baby, also, the Torah provides all the “spiritual foods” that is necessary for the human soul.

  2. Vicki says:

    My gosh that is just a beautiful cheesecake! I never would have thought to bake in a large tart pan. I like it very much. It’s so interesting how blue cheese is either liked or not liked.

  3. Milagritos says:

    What a beautiful cheesecake! I love the shot with the missing cake…happens all too often here as well. Your cheesecake looks so creamy and inviting and I love that you’ve made into a single cake. And thanks for explaining the origin of Shavuot! I appreciated that touch.

  4. Kimberlie Robert says:

    Beautiful job on your tart. So pretty and elegant with the pine nuts. I had to laugh when you scooped out your tastes. Clever the way you cut your piece away! Did you eat the rest? You always create beautiful posts. Very well done.

    • orinlag says:

      Thank you kimberlie, well actually it’s was someone else in my family that couldn’t hold them self…the rest of the piece i gave them to finish…:-)

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