Roses Alpha Bakers:Irish Cream Scones with Raspberry Butterscotch Lace Topping

Irish scones

Another great recipe of scones, for the flavor and for the simplicity of the making. an Irish cream scones with a sauce that will make you come back for more.lets start!

I started with making the scones only to realize I don’t have any bread flour,instead I used 100% unbleached AP flour.I knew this will affect the results,with a slightly less high rise. ( bread flour have more protein this contribute to a higher rise of the baked goods ). but,better scones with less height than not at all.

One of the thing,I love about this recipe, Is that its a full hands on mean,no electronics involve. I find in baking that there is much satisfaction as the feel of the dough between your fingers, make it a bit more personal, and bring much control into the end result.

The big problem that I faced in the past when making biscuits, for example, which is a similar process to the scone is how long to knead the dough? this is the first time, that this task was so easy thanks to the clues that been given to us in the book.

while, I sent the scones for a total of 18 minutesĀ  baking,I started working on the sauce.

Originally I planed to skip the part of making the raspberry butterscotch lace topping. knowing that the process take long time just to thaw the raspberries. But then I came up with this idea of putting the frozen raspberries in the dehydrator,I figure if I thaw them on the lowest temperature setting, this will not harm the berries.It took a 15 minutes total at 105F (41c) and I had my raspberry juice and puree to go. This is definitely the way to go for me, from now on for every recipe that requires thawing.

The flavor, aroma and ingredients reminded me and my family the Hamantachen. they were exceptionally buttery, though the small amount of butter in them. their flavor real shined on the second day,as its all ingredients had shown a full present but,in harmonious way. The lemon which subtle all the sweetness paired well with theĀ raisin, and that added a pleasant chew and more lovely texture to the flakey and soft scones.moreover,on top of all this the raspberry butterscotch topping, that putt all of it together. This recipe is a sure pleasure to make and a delight to serve.

Happy Baking!

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