Rose’s Alpha Bakers : Sugar Rose Brioche p.476

Rose sugar brioche

Brioche is one of the most rewarding dough that the classic french bakery has given us. Since then so many variations have spoiled our taste buds. This week, making the classic brioche filled with Cinnamon and sugar.

brioche dough have large amount of butter,which make it  more versatile. for that, I made mine couple days ahead (more points for flavor) or you can freeze it and thaw it when you ready to bake. on the second day,I proceed to the rolling part, and yeah, it is a sticky business here I found that larger amount of dusting flour on the bottom and top of the dough, will make the rolling and handling a much pleasant experience. with time and practice you’ll find the right balance of flour.

rolling the dough

After rolling and applying all the filling,to shape the dough and roll it,I like to start from the side near me,then i create a little “hem”,( roll over and pinch the dough) and i start rolling to a log. I found this to be the easiest way to roll any yeast dough.

log ready

cut as braid

ready in the pan

as I finish to shape the dough, I realize I don’t have a 10′ pan, any way an aluminum one. so I opt to my least favorite pan and use a dark non stick. I preheat the oven as instructed in the recipe and sent it for a 20 minutes bake. as I rotate the pan in the mark of 20 minutes I notice that all the clues that been given in the book fit the bill, but still I had a doubt in me and sent it for another hour. when the pleasant aroma of cinnamon and sugar  started to change to something less desirable. I went on to check the brioche, it got burned! a pretty burn, but not one you want to eat. so for the love to my family I didn’t let them try nor did I.after all who love some ash flavor brioche.!I will though save the parts that edible and make some bread pudding. next,I will never ever use a non-stick dark pan,or at list remember to reduce the baking time.Enjoy!

burnt brioche

lovely burnt accent


a potential yum


  1. Vicki says:

    Orin, Did my comment yesterday not make it here? If this is a double up, I apologize. Just want to make sure that I think your pictures are spectacular. Really cutting edge. Your brioche braid is perfect. Bread turned out great.

  2. Marie says:

    Oh so sad that it burned! Last year I finally threw away a springform pan that always burned everything in it. (My fault, I’m sure, but I’d rather blame the pan). The swirl looks gorgeous anyway, and it looks like quite a lot can be salvaged.

  3. faithy says:

    I love your step by step photos! I’m sorry that your bread is burnt, but nevermind, you can scrape off the burnt part and I bet it still taste delicious! Thanks for pointing out what to do when replacing milk with sour-cream. I will try that when I have the time and report back to you! 🙂

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