Rose’s Alpha Baker: ‘Strawberry Shortcake Genoise’ P.117

What a busy week with Passover and then Easter, and also having to prepare for both Holidays! After all the cleaning, shopping, cooking and baking, a piece of this cake was deliciously rewarding after all that hard work … Making the cake has many steps, but they are little ones, so thankfully the process doesn’t take all day. For example, you start by sprinkling some sugar and lemon on frozen strawberries, and then let them sit in the refrigerator over night…pretty easy.


The next day, you then make the batter. I started by making the brown butter. Learning from past experiences, I tripled the amount knowing I’ll use it in my daily cooking.

pure butter “gold”

Since I am celebrating Passover, needless to say gluten is out of the equation. Looking at the ingredients for this cake, It wasn’t a big deal to just simply replace the bleached cake flour with gluten-free flour. I used “Namaste Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend” and I can’t speak highly enough about this flour. I always get really good results from everything I make with it, and it’s simple to use; you just replace cup for cup…so I was very confident when substituting the flour.
9′ springform pan with prepared batter
Next you cook the eggs with sugar. On Rose Levy Beranbaums’ website in the “Categories” section under “Book Errata/Correction”, it mentions that an extra egg yolk is needed to be added to the batter to ensure a fine texture. To help remember all the corrections in Rose Levy’s books, I simply have a little sticky note attached to the page letting me know to refer to the correction page that is attached to the book. I didn’t have the recommended pan so I moved onto option 2 and used a 9” cake pan and it worked pretty good. The only thing with that is you are required to cut a 1/4 inch deep circle, and cut out the top of cake.


perfect gluten free genoise cake

cut a circle 1/2 inch from the side  and 1/4 inch deep, i used 7′ cake ring

with a clear tape i marked where 1/4 inch deep will be

cake is marked with a circle

I then carefully removed the cut out cake

After the cake cooled, I then made the strawberry grand mariner syrup and applied it on the cake last. I then sent it for a good night sleep in the refrigerator. The day of the Holiday, I finished the cake by letting the strawberries sit for a couple hours in a strainer. This makes sure that the strawberries don’t release their liquid into the cake and make it soggy. Lastly, I made the strawberries’ puree and finished with the strawberry  whip cream .


From the first bite I felt like I am snacking on one of my favorite strawberry yogurts! The strawberries weren’t soggy or soft at all, even after a couple hours of sitting in the refrigerator. The cake was super airy, moist and soft, almost like taking a big bite of cotton candy minus the horrible sweetness. My favorite was the strawberry puree with the whip cream…I really wanted more of that!

DSC02222Have a very Kosher Passover and a Happy Easter y’all!!


  1. faithy says:

    Your gluten free genoise sponge looked fabulous! i love how you used cookie cutter to cut a bunny out of the extra cut out sponge! Such great idea!

  2. Vicki says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve never heard of this brand of gluten free flour. I will look for it. Brilliant marking the circle as you did. Cute little bunny cutout.

  3. evilcakelady says:

    i love the little bunny cutout! also i think using the 7″ flan ring to cut out your indentation, and to mark the depth is pure genius. there’s a cake like this in Heavenly Cakes and I just eyeballed it with a paring knife. your way is much, much cooler. and my gosh, i have never thought to check out Rose’s errata page on her blog!! thank you for reminding me!

  4. Catherine says:

    Love the little bunny. And amazed that the gluten free flour was so successful. Did you use the cornflour as well?

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