Roses Alpha Bakers: Spritz Butter Cookies p.321

As I was making this cookies,I thought to myself how great is this recipe and perfect for the holidays time, as it’s so easy,fast and use ingredients everyone have at home.This recipe made it’s first appearance in the book “Rose’s Christmas Cookies”,this week were baking Spritz Butter Cookies,it’s holidays time!

I used a GF flour and aside of roasting the blanched almond all you got to do is throw some ingredients into the food processor and your done. now the real fun begin as you can shape the cookies with a star or a rosettes tip or use a cookie press as I did,just be creative and have fun with it!

I baked this cookies for 8 minutes total.

It’s so much fun to make these light,aromatic and just the right sweetness cookies,we all agreed these will be perfect for any times of the year.Enjoy!


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