Roses Alpha Baker’s Pumpkin Pecan Pie p.264


Being relevantly new to America,Thanks Giving is pretty much a new holiday for me as a matter of fact my first thanksgiving was just couples years ago. For thanksgiving dinner every family has the one that sides of the pecan pie and the one with the pumpkin pie,I learned this pretty quick. if you’ll ask me what is my favorite  pecan or pumpkin pie? I’ll say neither.I find both too sweet and both have too much of the one ingredient.This week roses alpha bakers bake The Pumpkin Pecan pie, combining much most loved pies,Into one. Now how do I convince the ones that love pecan pie that a little of pumpkin only will make it better and vise versa ! ?

Starting with the first layer of the pie is the pecan filling , a combination of light Moscovado sugar with the golden syrup creates a toffee like sauce, that truly tames away the sweetness of a traditional pecan or pumpkin pie. 

making the pecan filling

this pie in order to be a success you really want to use a deep dish pie,other wise I’ll recommend to cutting to half the recipe for the filling . how do I know ? well , it seems that I have created a little tradition here which includes me having to mess up almost any pie I have done so far. I would like to Look at it as I will make all the mistakes. So you don’t have too.

yeah, I did not use the deep dish pie plate…

with that said , while the first layer of the pecan was in the oven I have started on the second filling, the pumpkin was pretty obvious that I will need to be really creative to fill the pan with the pumpkin batter,after looking at the pie after it first bake.I ended up using barely the third of the pumpkin filling and baked it at the recommended time.

baked pecan pumpkin pie


This pie is not a beauty queen but , what a flavor and a lovely aroma.It tastes  just like a ginger-molasses cookie with a pudding like texture and a great balance of ingredients. I did add an extra pinch or two of ginger to the pumpkin filling I just love that extra kick .Did everyone love it ? well, I did not succeed in converting everyone,yet. I still had some comment of ” I Still rather have just the pecan pie by Itself “…Well,maybe i”ll be able to convince them next year.

Happy Thanks giving everyone !



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