Rose’s Alpha Bakers: Pizza Rustica p.310

pizza rustica the baking bible

This week Roses alpha bakers baking Pizza Rustica,This is a new recipe for me since I never had or heard of it,as everything new in life I was excited to try it.

I started with making the dough. I made it with a gluten free flour,the brand I used is Namaste All purpose (cup to cup ). I usually have much luck with this flour with any type of baking, but this time when it was time to roll out the dough the dough was not holding it shape together and was very difficult to transfer it to the deep cake pan as it keep tearing.

Then, it came to me because its a gluten free flour there wasn’t enough ” glue” to roll out the dough in one piece. so in the future i will need to add a half an egg or a whole egg  to create a better structure to the dough.the other thing that came to mind was that I might just under kneaded it. after few attempts to roll it ( and refrigeration between each roll ) I figure I either need to make the whole thing from the start or find a creative way to use this dough. well, time wasn’t on my side so I opt to the creative option. I have this Small size tart pans that was just waiting for me to use em. I ended up just pressing the dough piece by piece instead of rolling it into the little pan tarts and that was a done deal.

The next thing I had to be creative, was with what am I going to replace the sausage part? because I adhere to my religion “rules” of eating and I do not cook dairy with meat or poultry, I decide to replace the sausage with “Baby Bella” mushroom, as they are more meaty and have a great texture and flavor when they are skillet fried with fresh thyme and bay leaf.

Since, my dough wouldn’t roll without tearing, i couldn’t  place the lace on top,like the bottom of the tart I just placed pieces of crumble dough on top knowing it would expand as it bake. I baked the tarts at the full time suggested in the book,and allowed it to cool completely.we ate it on the second day pre heated, and I served it with a home made basil- cilantro pesto adorned with a tomato rose.

it’s was very delicious and satisfying. I love the melted cheese combined with the meaty texture of the mushroom.the crust added much flavor similar to a pizza sauce.This dish is defiantly will be added to our family festive holiday dinner,like Shavuot.Enjoy!


  1. Marie says:

    I really like your idea of using mushrooms instead of meat–I think that would be a more satisfying option than a cheese-only pie. Too bad about the gluten-free flour, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

  2. Vicki says:

    They turned out beautifully! Really stunning photos. I’m glad you were inspired to add mushrooms as I don’t eat meat and wondered if they would work. Back to the store! I love how your topping turned out. I bought basil to make pesto for it to and was wondering to put it inside or on the side. I think your presentation on the side is the way to go.

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