Rose’s Alpha Bakers: Perfect Savory Cream Puffs p. 304

perfect savory cream puff the baking bible

I enjoy the simple things in life: a good conversation, a good book and making a cream puffs. This week Rose’s Alpha Bakers are making one of my most requested childhood desserts. The recipe is easy to follow and the results are as light and airy as a cloud…Deluxe Puffs.

bake the puffs

I found myself watching them bake like a little kid, getting excited as they puff in the oven. Very soon these will make any filling taste better.

fill the puff

Rose gave some options for filling, so I choose the light sweetened whipped cream for kosher reasons. My tasters wanted something that is sweet and light for these hot summer days, and this was just what they needed.

delux puff

I piped mine a little larger than recommended, ending with a total of 12. I decided to make a peach filling, since peaches are in season here. I peeled one ripe peach and cut it into small cubes. I added to a skillet peaches, 1 cup of water, 3 TBS of Honey, an equal amount of sugar and a dash of cardamom. I brought it to a boil and cooked until it resemble a thick jam. While the peach filling cooled down I made the lightly sweetened whipped cream. ( page 516 ) To assemble I  first spooned 1 TBS of peach filling and piped whipped cream on top.

deluxe cream puffs

It was devilishly good, so hard not to enjoy a second, and a third…

the perfect cream puffs

… A perfect moment of joy.


  1. faithy says:

    Your peach filling looks delicious! I agree with Marie, peach and whipped cream filling sounds amazing! I love your photos! Thanks for your tip on how to handle liver. I never knew you have to soak liver overnight. Normally I just cook right away sliced with lots of ginger, sesame oil and soya sauce..and no funny smell or taste.

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