Roses Alpha Bakers: My Chocolate Chip Cookies p.347

my chocolate chip cookies the baking bible

After the holidays and moving to a new place (and everything that come with it) all I want to do is to relax with a hot cup of brewed tea and something really easy to make to go along with it. lucky enough for me this week the Roses Alpha Bakers baking cookie’s this week.

the best chocolate chip cookie

making these cookies was so easy and fast,I had a hard time to believe, so I caught myself checking the recipe several times making sure I didn’t skip any of the steps or ingredients. to make the cookies I used unbleached cake flour as a substituted, and 3 different types of chocolate all by Guittard; %63 and %46 milk chocolate chip, for a melt in your mouth cookies and to subtle the sweetness from the milk chocolate chip I add 100 grams of grated 100% dark chocolate,as Rose recommended in the book .


knowing just from reading through the recipe, these not going to be one of a gas station morning cookies,I doubled the recipe and baked them the next day. The first batch of cookies didn’t stand a chance the moment they came out the ovenĀ (10 minutes baking ) they were all gone. we all love the size of these cookie as they are perfect to hold/bite andĀ  justify to have another one.since clarified butter was involved in the making,it contributed for that lovely extra nuttiness that balance all this melt in your mouth chocolate heaven!

the baking bible my chocolate chip cookies

The perfect reward.



  1. Marie says:

    Who would think of chocolate chip cookies as a Valentine’s Day treat–but with that plate, and with those cookies that would tempt even a person averse to CC cookies, it looks like the perfect thing!

  2. Vicki says:

    You take the coolest photos! I feel your pain over moving. Very smart idea to double the recipe. Guittard makes the best chocolate ever. I would never have thought to mix in different per cents; going to make a note of that.

  3. evilcakelady says:

    Your cookies look incredible. I’m (almost) racing back to the kitchen to make another batch. I love the idea of all the different chocolate. I hope you are settling in to your new home!

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