Roses Alpha Bakers: Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Cake p.131

heavenly chocolate mousse cake the baking bible

The Heavenly Mousse Cake is bursting with flavor and extends the opportunity to discover a new technique. Making the sponge cake was one of the easiest cake rolls I ever made. It handled well, and the cake didn’t stick to the pan, break or fall apart (my lucky day).


the light sponge cake

Next was the chocolate mousse. It was easy to make, and at times found myself tempted to get a taste here and there…

chocolate mousse filling

cook the mousse

mousse chocolate

Once the cake and mousse were finished, it was time to compose the cake. I enjoyed this very much, and the instructions were simple to follow.

heavenly chocolate mousse cake the baking bible

I listened to Marie’s advise a week ago, and allowed the cake to stay outside the recommend time in the book, but kept it refrigerated prior cutting. This didn’t seem to take away from the flavor. It was so divine I wanted to share this cake with everyone. A cake that is easy to follow, a joy to make, and will make any bakery vitrine shine.

heavenly chcolate mousse cake rose levy beranbaum

heavenly chocolate mousse cake

Till next week..Happy Baking!


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