Roses Alpha Bakers : Frozen Lime Meringue Pie p.240

frozen lime meringue pie

A few years ago my roommate made this bright green pie, that looks like something out of a horror movie, I was very suspicious about this “pie”. Come to find it was key lime pie, so to be polite, and to feed my curiosity, I tried a small piece. To my surprise this greenish pie tastes amazing! Of coarse I wanted to know the recipe. To my disappointment the “secret to this pie was a store bought key lime filling can. So needless to say, this week I was very excited to makeĀ  the real version.

The recipe is comprised from 3 parts, but they all take little efforts. This recipe also does not require any baking aside of roasting the almonds (for the crust), but that also can be done on the stove. This is a great bonus, especially when its hot and humid outside.

step 1 – making the crumb crust :

vanilla almond crumb crust

form and chill the pie shell

When I was making the filling, the house filled with a pleasant fragrant of lime. This is my first time making lime pie, and it was also the first time that my fiance was so anxious as he kept asking me when he can try.

step 2 – the lime filling:

lime filling

folding whipcream with lime custard

filling the pie shell

fill the pie shell

So after freezing the filling over night I finished by making the meringue topping and chose the blow torch method. I wasn’t as confidant with the broiler method, but I have two settings on my oven and didn’t wanted to choose the wrong one.

step 3 – making the meringue topping:

making the meringue

meringue topping

blow torch it

My fiance is not a man of many words when describing deserts or food; Its usually either “good”, “very good” or “extremely good”, but sometimes he gives a “1 out of 10” grade…but this pie seemed to bring something else out of him. He was “blown away” with the flavor, and said how its so “smooth, creamy and better than any “extremely good” ice cream”. He then continued; “the flavor just burst in the mouth, and then the creaminess of the meringue is…just…awe, so good”.


As for me, I just want to thank Rose for making this recipe. My fiance says thanks too!

Happy Baking!


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