Roses Alpha Bakers: Coconut Crisps P. 366

coconut crisps cookies the baking bibile

When I saw this week were making cookies, I was pretty happy to see that both ingredients and instructions are pretty easy to accomplish, and fast.

making the cookie dough

It’s so fast that I simply threw some ingredients in the food processor, added the rest and pulse. Then knead a little bit and your done. Yep, well till they are ready to be shaped. Ill call it a “record fast Rose recipe”. I like it.

kneading the cookie dough

I let my cookies refrigerate over night, as it is very humid here, so I took it easy on this recipe knowing there’s not much involved.

chill the dough

It was pretty sticky business moving the cut out cookies to the baking tray. Despite my extended refrigeration, the dough just melted and fell apart. So after my third attempt, I called for a new solution; I just divided the dough into 12 equals balls and flattened them with my palm. Off they went for 10 minutes of baking. The second batch got a bit over baked despite the same time of baking.

roling out the cookies

yep, I was using my new little tool, thank you again woody for that awesome mini -roller.


Then it was the moment of truth, there wasn’t much excitement, or will to have another one. My taster stayed quiet and said he doesn’t really get the cookie. That its just “an OK one”. So my cookie box is still full despite my nagging [maybe you should give it another try]…oh well, wait till next week recipe, we’re making some heavenly chocolate mousse cake.

coconut crisps cookies


Happy Baking Y’all!

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