Rose’s Alpha Baker: ‘The Polish Princess’ P.124

The Princess Tiara

Oh my, oh my…what a cake!!! The perfect desert after a heavy meal, or any meal, how about the perfect cake as the meal itself! It’s very light and moist; no single flavor overpowers another. It has just the right amount of  vodka to make it interesting, but not intoxicating. Some would say that this is a cake that every “polish” princess would love!


For this weeks project, we are baking a sponge cake layered with two flavored pastry buttercreams. One layer walnut halves mixed with dutch cocoa powder. . The second layer of the buttercream is consists of raisins that have been soaked with hot water and Green & Blacks 70% Bitter Sweet Organic Chocolate,chopped.  Lastly, instead of grating the chocolate, I ground it for a few second in the coffee grinder.

I used an 8′ inch cake ring and placed it on a glass heat-proof serving plate. This made it much easier to make the cake. After the cake cooled down, I placed the cake ring back over the cake and lined a film roll around the cake to add height and support to the buttercream.

While the cake was chilling in the refrigerator, I had the thought…that every princess has a Tiara (crown), so I decided to make one…out of chocolate. I found a stencil online, printed it and taped it to a pickle jar and then taped parchment paper on top. I melted a dark chocolate for 60 seconds in the microwave. Then I piped it on the stencil , then allowed to dry for 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator…and Viola!


Tea vodka syrup water,black tea,sugar,lemon juice,and  a good vodka

Tea Vodka Syrup brushed  onto the bottom and the top of the cake

cake ring,lined with clear film

Pastry Butter-cream ingredients

pastry cream ready

yellow cake soaked with tea vodka,cocoa and walnut pastry butter-cream layer, chocolate and raisin pastry butter cream layer.

Covered with ground 63% chocolate on top

Tiara sketch

Covered with parchment paper and ready to be piped on

The  “Polish Princess”

A  Love from a first bite…


  1. Marie says:

    Just beautiful, Orin! I recently saw an exhibit on art from the Hapsburg empire–the cake stand (and the cake too, probably) would have fit right in with their opulence.

    • orinlag says:

      Thank you marie, how wired is that the same exhibit is coming to Huston this summer and my fiance and I are planning to go visit it.

  2. Michele says:

    Hi,Orin–I agree, I found the cake to be light and lovely! But your decorating is superb!! I haven’t used the acetate film but you make it look easy. Really enjoyed your photos.

  3. faithy says:

    Gorgeous looking cake! I love how you made the tiara for the cake too! I love your cake stand btw. I have been eyeing this cake stand for a while. I can’t find any shop online that can ship to me. 🙁

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