Rose’s Alpha Baker: ‘DATTELKONFEKT’ P.414

OK, I’ll admit it, I was patiently waiting for the week, of these cookies turns to bake! As a kid and as an adult, these cookies are a “must” for every Passover in our home. The only difference is that ours have peanuts in them instead of the almonds.

After going through the recipe, my immediate question was “what type of dates shall I use?…There is a variety of dates, such as Deglet Noor, which is more chewy compared to Medjool dates that are plump and sweeter. My next question was, will it affect my cookies texture?…will they be drier or chewier? With no mention in the book for which type, I went with my personal favorite, medjool dates. They must been much larger than what Rose used since, My total count was 13 dates compared to about 36 as in the recipe. The other thing is since it is Passover, I passed on the back-oblaten and replaced it with cookie liners and my favorite macaroons lets start.


Dates, sugar, sliced almonds, egg whites and vanilla are all the ingredients that needed.

Almonds, and dates are processed individually, and then combined in a food processor.

Making the meringue, adding slowly the sugar till stiff peak.

Adding the almond/dates mixture to the meringue. already looking tempting…

I piped mine on a macaroon mat, after all these cookies are ‘macaroon’ like.

I also, piped some into a cookie liners, and baked them for 13 minutes.

So yep I was sold from the start on these little ones! The chewiness comes from both the dates and the meringue to create a just-right hard texture followed by a mouth-full of flavors. Despite the amount of sugar in this cookie recipe, you will be surprised that it’s just right. We named them the “can’t stop eating them” cookies. If you are not convinced yet to make them, it’s really effortless and such a winner!

These won’t last long.


    • Catherine says:

      Faithy I don’t know how many times I’ve seen you right that exact thing! You must have a lot of kitchen stuff!

        • faithy says:

          Ya..i have a lot of stuff but cos my apartment is small, I have to hide them all away deep in cupboards or cabinets that I cannot find or forgot about them! LOL! I wish I have a bigger place…

  1. Catherine says:

    I only know dried dates and fresh Medjool dates so it’s great to hear more about different types. I’ll have to pop into a Middle eastern food shop when I travel to Melbourne or Sydney to scope out other types.

    It was lovely to read your enthusiasm for these and the nostalgia for well known sweets.

  2. evilcakelady says:

    i love the idea of baking them in little cupcake papers! yours look a lot more cake-like than mine; it must be down to the different kinds of dates. i almost used medjool, too, but decided on something else (don’t know which kind that are).

  3. Michele says:

    Hello, Orin: Your cookies are lovely! I wish mine had turned out so well! I am disappointed in this recipe, wondering why mine turned out so flat! Oh well. I really enjoyed your terrific photos. Have a great week!

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