Rose’s Alpha Baker:’ Chocolate Pavarotti With Wicked Ganache’ P.58

Choclate Pavarotti With Wicked Good Ganache

If you ask me “what is the most important thing in the whole world”? I’ll simply answer, Love!!!…and then I’ll say “food”. This week I get to use one of my favorite foods, chocolate! For this weeks project, Rose Levy Beranbaum instructs us to use 99% and 62% chocolate. If that’s not enough chocolate for you, then a melted white chocolate is added to the cake batter along with unsweetened cocoa powder. We then top it with a “Wicked Ganache” mixed with a cayenne pepper that is added to the chocolate mixture. This combination of ingredients creates a moist, “melt in your mouth” cake with a very rich ganche that is just the right sweetness and texture. As Rose Levy Beranbaum describes, “It sings in your mouth”…and it did!

This how it made:


Chopped White Chocolate

Chopped White chocolate

Melted White Chocolate

Melt the white chocolate in a microwave

Hot water mixed with cocoa

Whisk the cocoa and a boiling water till smooth

Water, eggs and vanilla extract

Mix all wet ingredients together, eggs,water and vanilla extract

To make the cake batter have a ready  stand mixture fitted with the flat beater:

Flour,baking powder, sugar and salt

Cake Flour, sugar. Baking powder and salt, Lightly mixed in the stand mixer.

Eggs, Coconut Oil

Butter, Coconut oil

Add to the dry  mixed ingredients the cocoa mixture,butter, and oil:

Dry ingredients mixed with butter, oil and cocoa mixture

Added eggs

Add the egg mixture to the batter

Add melted white chocolate

Add the melted chocolate

Than in a ready greased and lined with parchment paper 9″ cake pan, pour the batter and bake for approx of 30-40 minutes:

Cake batter

Ready to sent to the oven

Cake is ready

Cool the cake on a wire rack and than invert the cake for a complete cool.

While the cake is cooling down make the ” Wicked Good Ganache” :

Golden syrup, %100 unsweetened chocolate, cayenne pepper

In a proof microwave bowl heat the golden syrup to a boil, about 30 second.  mix in the chopped %100 unsweetened chocolate. (the original recipe call for corn syrup):

stirred chocolate in heated golden syrup


Processed bitter sweet chocolate

Processed the %63 bittersweet chocolate



Heavy cream, %63 chocolate

Heavy cream, %63 bittersweet chocolate


Heat the Heavy cream till small bubbles appears, pour the cream into a food processor, and add the Golden syrup and chocolate mixture.

The Golden syrup with chocolate mixture added to the food processor

Press the ganache through a strainer over a heat proof glass bowl, let it sit till firm.


press the ganache through a strainer

When the ganache is ready, cover the cake and enjoy!!



To find out what chocolate I used, and for the full recipe click here.


  1. Michele says:

    Orin, what great photos!! Chocolate, love, and more chocolate, all in one project! So glad you liked the cake. I enjoyed it–most especially the ganache. I hope you’ll come and see mine!

  2. Kimberlie Robert says:

    The best picture of your tutorial is the last one with the cleaned plate and the surprise inscription: “I Love You!” So sweet. And how do you get so many perfect overhead shots? I would have to crawl up on the counter for shots like yours. All that to say, I enjoyed your post!

    • orinlag says:

      Thank you, I absolutely agree. This cake definitely will be doing a lot of come back in my kitchen..:-)

      שבוע טוב ומבורך!!

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