Rose’s Alpha Baker: ‘Lemon Posset Shortcakes’ P.111

It All Started When A Cream, Some Sugar and Lemons Found Each Other…

If you’re a believer of the saying ”time and patience bring good things to life”, then roll up your sleeves for this weeks project; “Lemon Posset Shortcakes”.

Instead of regular melted butter that is used in almost any shortcake recipe, Rose Levy Beranbaum replaces it with “Beurre Noisette”, a slowly melted and browned butter. Simply put, it provides a more sophisticated, complex taste without much extra effort.

For the shortcake we use a “Wondra Flour” for the most tender results. Instead, you can also use a combination of cake flour sifted together with corn starch, which is what I used in my batter. Shortcake is a sponge cake that totally relies on the eggs for the height and structure. What makes this different from a ‘butter cake’, is the butter cake gets the rise from baking soda or baking powder that releases carbon dioxide once it comes in touch with the batter,The gas cell expand causing the batter to rise. This is also where we get the tender crumbs that we love so much. With that said, a sponge cake will tend to get drier due to the lack of baking soda or baking powder.  Traditionally the familiar shortcake that we see in our super market will most likely be soaked with simple syrup, which is a combination of water, sugar that has been boiled, and lastly fresh lemon juice that is stirred in. You most likely will accompany the shortcake with fresh strawberries drizzled with strawberry sauce.

Lemon Syrup

Once all the cakes have been soaked with the lemon syrup, then Rose instructed us to glaze the cakes with an apple jelly. Because of my love for tart tangy flavor, I substituted it with a lemon jelly instead. Lastly, the soaked cakes are filled with a soft lemon cream known as the “Lemon Posset”. *The full recipe and instructions can be found on page 115 of the “Baking Bible”.

At first glance you expect it to be tart and tangy, but instead it is a creamy surprise that is more to the sweet side and is truly delicious. The recipe makes a total of six individual cakes, but once you try it, you will wish you doubled the recipe!

 Lemon Possset ShortCakes

All in all, Rose brings together a classic medieval dessert, and a classic sponge cake to create truly unique flavors.Enjoy!!
Lemon Posset ShortCakes


  1. faithy says:

    Hi! Yes, it is Chinese New Year! 😀 I love how you did the lemon curls decoration. And the little chicks (is it?) soo cute and fluffy! Gorgeous shortcakes. Like you, I love them too!

    • orinlag says:

      Thank you much, yeah this are little chicks…I love the chines new year, it is so colorful and have very interesting meaning, this year is the year of the sheep… “Gung hay fat choy,”

  2. inthekitchen says:

    Adorable shortcakes and I love your photos with the fuzzy little chicks.

    How was the flavor using half cake flour and half corn starch? I was worried that using so much cornstarch would affect the finished flavor.

  3. Glori says:

    Love the chicks! Your photos are wonderful and I like the idea of using lemon jelly instead of the apple. You can never have too much lemon.

  4. Michele says:

    So beautiful, and the little chicks make me hopeful that this miserable winter weather won’t last forever. Orin, you did a great job on the cakelettes. I did love this recipe, and will make the possette again. I would like to try making one big cake instead of individual cakelettes next time.

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