Rose’s Alpha Baker: Honey Cake For A Sweet New Year p.26

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Honey Cake is traditionally served on “Rosh Hashanna” ,to symbolize a sweet Jewish new year. Like Rose, I never really cared for honey cake. Its usually quite heavy, dry and overly sweet, but that cup of tea or coffee is a must! Rose’ genius idea to add that cup of coffee to the batter created a moist cake. At first, I was a bit skeptical and hesitant about this cake from the large amount of sugar. The combination of brown sugar and honey created an interesting depth of flavor, very caramel-like. Clove, extra ginger and cinnamon turned a boring dry cake, into one with much character. Indeed, Rose has made a new name for the Honey Cake. Truly a cake that I will be proud to serve to Friends and Family for years to come.

honey cake for sweet new year

the best honey cake

look how moist this cake!

one slice at a time

Happy Holidays!



Rose’s Alpha Baker: Luscious Apple Pie p.192

I was so happy for this week project, since I never had any success with apples pie.I always ended up with a soggy  bottom,and who want to eat that?right, so I didn’t bother make another one. after making several pie crust I started to gain a bit confidence,so I was sure this one will be just like ” a piece of cake..”well, at list one luscious of a piece of pie. I shame to say that I some how in the process of making the pie ignored to add the apple cider vinegar. The pie was still amazing, the ones that tried it didn’t seem to feel the missing component…my choice of apple was the granny smith, super sour like we love around here I also didn’t add additional sugar. I got comments like:  ” absolutely the only apple pie i am eating” and ” yeah, I’ll take another piece if you thought to offer”. would’ve it been better with the apple cider? well, I will definitely want to know,and will make it again for next week for the coming holidays.

Have Happy baking and Jewish New year!

Rose’s Alpha Baker: Flaky Cream Cheese Scones P.182

I never had scones or heard of ones prior me coming to the states, chocolate croissant with some cappuccino or fresh-baked baguette with butter was my breakfast for years. when I finally did try one,I didn’t like it at all! it was dry and flavorless,and left me with a dry mouth,so I never had one since.this week project has absolutely changed my mind about scones. Rose genius idea to add cream cheese created truly a soft, moist and flavorful scones and as a bonus they are super easy and fast to make. no tea or clotted cream needed here as the scones are divine just as is.

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Rose’s Alpha Baker: Perfect Peach Galette P. 197

I”ll admit I was a bit intimidated from this week project. To roll a dough and such a delicate one, as thin as possible…I could see how I can make it go wrong. So I almost didn’t make it for this  weeks project, but the peaches are still growing out here and it would be a shame not to make use of these yummy peaches. So I opted for the “thicker” version of the dough and made the recipe on page 188 instead page 187 (as suggested in the book). Surprisingly enough, I was doing just fine but don’t give me the credit, it’s this  dough that is just-right. The texture of the dough was flaky and buttery, and the texture of the peaches were excellent as well. My tasters loved that there is not much sugar in the recipe, which allowed us to appreciate the natural flavor of the peaches. Perfect yeah, but we more than agreed that it was absolutely “The Ultimate Peach Galette” that should definitely set the standards for the rest. So here is how to make it:

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Rose’s Alpha Baker: 100% Whole Wheat Walnut Loaf P.499

There is nothing like making bread from scratch,the feels of the dough in your hand while kneading it, the waiting and watching how the dough rises and the smell of a fresh dough to become an amazing creation. Let me tell you, every time it gets me excited like a little girl.I will admit I must have baked hundred and different types of bread yet, it always seems to fascinate me and a sure way to satisfy my soul. I can still smell my parents’ house every Friday morning, waking up to the fragrant that filled the house,of my mom homemade challa bread. sure from time to time i loved the  convenience of just going to the local bakery. but, as good the bread is with no question of its quality, I still will always opt for a homemade bread. nothing you will experience at any bakery in the world.If you like me love to learn about the whole art of making a bread then, I absolutely recommended ” The bread bible”. If you feel a little skeptic of your ability than,feel free to check this group of talented bakers and learn from their experiences… I promise you’ll be hooked just like me! Whether you are an experienced home baker or always wanted to try making homemade bread,than the  100% whole wheat bread walnut loaf  is a good way to  start.

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Rose’s Alpha Baker: Molasses Crumb Cakelets P.84

It’s Christmas in July this month, so we all agreed that these little cakelets were right on point! They are moist,crunchy, rich in aroma And flavor that sing Christmas in your mouth… most important they have the perfect size, not to feel guilt from having ” just another one”. besides that, its takes a few little steps and ingredients ,and that in our book is a winner !

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Rose’s Alpha Baker: Fourth Of July CheeseCake p.153

This week project the ‘Roses Alpha Bakers’ is baking the an “all American cheesecake” .We start with the first layer, which is red velvet cake for the red stripes,a cheesecake for the white and finishing with blueberries topping laying on a ‘Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting’ the name really say it all.

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