New Spin On Rollie Pollies

a new spin on rollies pollies the baking bible

About a year or so ago, Rose came out with a new baking class on craftsy… so of course I signed up. One of the recipes that rose teaches there is the Rollie Pollie. The class is very informative and explains in details how to bake a successful cookies. For this weeks recipe, we are required to keep our left over pie scrap dough (which I didn’t). So I went ahead and prepared one batch of pie dough. Here’s how it turned out…

Flaky Pie or Pastry dough

prepare the dough

The next day I went on to prepare the dough for rolling out the cookies. Here once again, with the high humidity, the sugar that melted into the dough made it a rather challenging task. Plus, my on going refrigeration of the dough made it a less desirable task. I am here to complete the recipe though, so I took out the cookie roll that had been chilled overnight and cut them to one inch. Once again I had a hard time to roll the cookie into a rose shape, so I just pushed it down with my palm.

spread the sugar mixture

roll the dough

cut the dough

On to the oven, where I baked them for 11 minutes total (2 minutes too long). The cookies came out nothing like in the craftsy class. They were more on the crunchy side and slightly resembled flaky pie crust. They had a delicious caramel at the bottom that formed from all the sugar in the dough. very addictive. Reminded me a bit the flavor and texture of an elephant ear and a cinnamon rugelach. Will I make them again? Sure, and will remember to keep my dough scrap. Save these treats for a chilli day.

chill the cookies

Be aware, one cookie won’t be enough.

a new spin on rollie pollies the baking bible

Until next week, Happy Baking!


  1. catherine says:

    Everything you do looks so neat! I haven’t made these yet and I think I might use your idea of just pushing these down with my hand since it’s high humidity here too. It’s always so challenging with pastry.

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