Rose’s Alpha Bakers: Mud Turtle Pie P.269


Another week of pie.

This week, a flaky, buttery crust filled with sticky pecan filling finished with milk chocolate ganache…makes an utterly divine yet, messy mud turtle pie.

No complains here, this just means more practice for a perfect pie crust. After all, we have had so much practice making pie crust that I no longer need the instructions. With that said, I felt brave enough for experimenting a little. So I decided to use golden butter from a local dairy farm where they churn their butter from Guernsey and Jersey cream, (oh it’s so delicious!) instead of the recommended one in the book (organic valley). The crust was super flaky and buttery, and I was excited to hear that the flavor was “unlike anything tasted before”.

The most flaky,buttery pie crust

Rose recommended to seal the holes, after the blind bake, with a little egg white or melted chocolate, mine didn’t had any. I wounder if its because the butter or the holes are optional. next,making the filling was quick and easy.

peacan filling is ready

Its agreed that Rose has many innovative ideas, such as using the combination of high fat content white chocolate. I used Green & Black’s organic with a good quality dark chocolate. I used extra dark chocolate baking chips by Guittard 63% cacao to create a silky and rich milk chocolate ganache…now that is pure brilliance.

I poured the hot cream over the processed chocolate.

I slowly spread the silky milk chocolate ganache over the baked pecan filling.

the whole pie

Being a Rose Alpha Baker keeps baking exciting and allows me to try new baking goods that I would likely never try or make. Here’s a confession, I never had Mud Turtle Pie nor was I interested to try one. I am so glad I did, moreover, it’s a harmonious marriage of the sticky pecan filling topped with a creamy ganache, that is not too sweet. It’s balanced with the super buttery crust and is sure to satisfy thos with an impeccable taste.

the flakies pie dough ever

The pie is good looking as it is, so I decide to leave the turtle alone.

say hello to my new favorite breakfast! Enjoy!


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