Rose’s Alpha Baker: Molasses Crumb Cakelets P.84

It’s Christmas in July this month, so we all agreed that these little cakelets were right on point! They are moist,crunchy, rich in aroma And flavor that sing Christmas in your mouth… most important they have the perfect size, not to feel guilt from having ” just another one”. besides that, its takes a few little steps and ingredients ,and that in our book is a winner !

While the oven is preheating I measure all my ingredients. I combine all the dry ingredients in a mixer bowl and added the oil to it .( I used my favorite oil, coconut instead of canola) after I mixed them all I reserved some of the dry ingredients mixture later to use as a topping.

I always keep molasses in my cupboard, just in case someone in the family is craving for Rose’s family wonderful bagel recipe. I added the molasses and the rest of the wet ingredients to the dry mixture. once the mixture was ready I pour it into the glass measure cup and spoon it out of the mini cupcake pan.

Though,this little cakelets took about 13 minutes to bake, we had hours of amazing aroma through out the house.

and they’re ready to eat, we felt they were so good and we spread the love with our friends so they can have a little Christmas too…

We enjoy these cakelets along with a home brew, turmeric and ginger tea, a real afternoon treat!



  1. Kimberlie Robert says:

    Your shots are really fun! You have the same blue background as The Evil Cake Lady (I think it was her). But I always love those overhead pics you take. We liked this recipe too, but only after a few days of mellowing out. They were a bit strong at the beginning.

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