Rose’s Alpha Baker: Luscious Apple Pie p.192

I was so happy for this week project, since I never had any success with apples pie.I always ended up with a soggy  bottom,and who want to eat that?right, so I didn’t bother make another one. after making several pie crust I started to gain a bit confidence,so I was sure this one will be just like ” a piece of cake..”well, at list one luscious of a piece of pie. I shame to say that I some how in the process of making the pie ignored to add the apple cider vinegar. The pie was still amazing, the ones that tried it didn’t seem to feel the missing component…my choice of apple was the granny smith, super sour like we love around here I also didn’t add additional sugar. I got comments like:  ” absolutely the only apple pie i am eating” and ” yeah, I’ll take another piece if you thought to offer”. would’ve it been better with the apple cider? well, I will definitely want to know,and will make it again for next week for the coming holidays.

Have Happy baking and Jewish New year!


    • orin says:

      rosh hashana is start on September 16 and end on September 15 we celebrate it for 3 days eating symbolic food like honey so we have a sweet year just like honey…..

  1. Michele says:

    Hi Orin: Your pie is beautiful! I used half Granny Smith, half Golden Delicious. Your crust looks perfect. It’s not really apple season around here yet, but I would like to make this again using some of the other apples Rose suggested in the book.

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