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lemon icebox cake the baking bible

I guess I was a bit of a cake snob as I never made an angel food cake, usually it was all about the chocolate. well, to my satisfaction I grew out of it. Though as I get older I find that tangy,sour or a dark bitter chocolate is more to my liking. I am much more “adventurous” of trying new – anything. and it pays!

the baking bible lemon icebox cake

Making the recipe is very simple and requires ingredients that almost everyone has at home. one of the main ingredients in this recipe is egg whites, well 18 to be accurate, not to count the ones that went into making the lemon mousse. so many eggs it made me wounder if having a chickens around would be beneficial.

These eggs got whipped to a delicious stiff meringue.

After i folded in the dry ingredients and I was done, that by all records is the quickest cake in the world. Makes you think twice about these chocolate cakes…

So in order for the cake not to stick to the side of the pan, I spread some batter with a spatula to the sides. Then I spooned the rest of the batter flattened the top and sent it for a 35 minutes bake.


when the cake was finished I was supposed to invert it right away on a wire rack or a tall glasses. I have a tall squared vase which at the time seemed like a great idea, but not so much after flipping the cake and realizing that the middle  became pushed in. I keep reminding myself to stick to the instructions.

The mousse made of three component:  lemon curd,whipped cream and light Italian meringue.

once the mousse was finished I torte the cake, to realize I forgot to run the spatula through the batter hence, lots of air bubbles. For this mission instead of using a serrated knife, I used my new tool AGBAY cake leveler. It’s cuts through so smooth and so precise,that it saves you time and many mishap that might happen while cutting a cake. it’s definitely the best cake leveler I ever used. I had to take a close up to demonstrate.

knowing this will takes another 12 hours before the cake is ready, We had to have a”sneak peak”. we took one or two  more like three of the cubed cake, and dipped it in the completed mousse. we have no problem to admits we have no restraint.

This angel goes to a 12 hours refrigeration.

To remove the cake from the pan, I used a cook’s blowtorch. I lightly warmed up the side of the pan till the cake separated from the sides. The cake came out with no problem and sliced very well with serrated knife.

angel food cake

The angel cake is wonderful by itself as it so moist. Light and fluffy and not too sweet, my fiance and  I would’ve be happy just as is. However the lemon mousse filling is creamy and tangy… It came out phenomenal. Though it takes a lot of  time to make this cake, it’s a must. I foresee many Angel foods cake in my kitchen..

angel food cake recipe

Happy Baking Everyone !

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  1. Catherine says:

    Wow, yours looks perfect Orin! I too had quite a lot of ‘tastes’ with the off cuts of cake and lemon mixture – so delicious.

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