Rose’s Alpha Baker: KOURAMBIETHES P.326

Oh, My Greek cookie.

Old time childhood donuts shape cookie, keep coming back my way in a different look…Rose’s Alpha Bakers making kourambiethes! It’s simple ingredients,create genius crunchy yet, melt in your mouth cookie.This,truly make you want to become Greek or at list have a Greek friend.

what not to love here, clarified butter mixed with powdered sugar, whether your adult or a kid there is something real magical of watching a butter and powdered sugar coming together, creating ribbons of pure indulgence.

and to this creaminess I added some crunch and aroma with blanched and toasted almonds.

something that look totally Innocent about to become an upscale version of the known, butter cookie.

when the cookies were cooled down, mountain of powdered sugar is dusted on top,the added orange liquor added freshness and balances the “heavy” sweetness from the powder sugar.

Kourambiethes way…

Traditionally, the cookies will be sprinkled with drops of rose water prior to dusting with powdered sugar,apolamváno̱…Enjoy!


  1. Michele says:

    Hi Orin: Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up on visiting your blog, but your cookies look fantastic! Your photos are wonderful. What a great idea to have chilled the butter in a loaf pan lined with parchment! I used a glass bowl and dipped the bowl in hot water. It worked but your solution looks far easier. I LOVE this recipe! Stop by and see my results if you have a moment.

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