Rose’s Alpha Baker: French Orange Cream Tart P.245

This week we baked “French Orange Cream Tart”. We started by making sweet cookie tart, the same one we used to make “Hamantaschen”. You would think that after figuring its for the first time, and making multiple batches of this dough will be a snap for me. Well, there was some almost over baked crust. So on the second bake, I didn’t remove the tart cover after 15 minutes of baking to prevent the edges from over-burning, which resulted in cracked edges. Don’t get me wrong, once this desert finds it way to our tummies, we were all in an explosion of delights!!! The texture of the cream brulee filling was oh so slight citrus tart with an amazing flaky tart to finish. What a great kick-off to start the summer!

we starts with making the cookie tart dough.

pour the mixture of dry ingredients onto a plastic bag, and knead till come together.

place the dough on a plastic wrap and knead till the dough become smooth.

after chilling the ready dough in the refrigerator, then rolled out the dough between two plastic wrap.


lay rolled dough in the tart pan, then blind bake for 30 minutes.


make the orange cream filling, pour into baked shell tart and bake again.

while the tart is cooling down, it’s a great time to catch up on our black berries picking…

make you want to re make the blackberry-blueberry pie.

I though why not to add extra crunch with “The Spun Sugar recipe” from “Rose’s Heavenly Cakes”,P.232.

cover half of the powdered sugar, and caramelize with a blow torch, enjoy after 10 minute chilling in the refrigerator.

we absolutely loved the smoothness of the filling, and the well balanced citrus flavor.

Enjoy by itself, or open a great bottle of champagne.







  1. faithy says:

    Wow!! Look at the caramelized sugar and spun sugar! Just gorgeous! And great presentation! Love your first pic! And you are so clever to torch only half the tart first. 🙂

  2. Kimberlie Robert says:

    oh, oh, oh my goodness. Why didn’t you show us how you did your sugar work. Shouldn’t have left that out. I’m totally interested. And the caramelization is perfect. Beautiful post, except for the missing sugar tutorial.

    • orinlag says:

      I would next time, there is a great pictures on roses book “roses heavenly cakes”, thank you for your comment.

  3. Milagritos says:

    What a gorgeous looking tart, Orin! Isn’t it funny that sometimes you make something several times and it’s perfect every time except for the last time? You did an exceptional job with this tart!

  4. Jeniffer says:

    oh I just read the round up and knew I hadn’t seen your post… so glad I have now! The half brûlée and spun sugar is fun and gorgeous. Tart bake looks perfect 🙂

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