Rose’s Alpha Baker: Fourth Of July CheeseCake p.153

This week project the ‘Roses Alpha Bakers’ is baking the an “all American cheesecake” .We start with the first layer, which is red velvet cake for the red stripes,a cheesecake for the white and finishing with blueberries topping laying on a ‘Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting’ the name really say it all.

I decide to start with making the cheesecake, which is absolutely my favorite cake to easy to make, with Rose clear instructions ,and the result are truly divine here are the steps:

sugar and cream cheese being beat till very smooth,or looks like a butter cream.


I then added the eggs, some vanilla, salt and lemon juice, beat them all till combined and add the sour cream.after the sour-cream was blended well, I poured the batter into the prepared 9′ springform pan and  placed  it in a bigger pan with a one inch hot water, and baked it.

Once the cake was ready I covered it and let it rest in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, I started  making the red velvet cake.Since my last venture with the red velvet cake didn’t come out red, I have decided to experiment and instead of buying food color  make it from scratch. I have a beet powder in my vitamins stack, and I thought this might work. I went ahead and researched it and found this recipe, that I followed for the base cake.But, oh no, the cake came out brown/ yellow rather than red.I should’ve learned from my other fellows baker’s that used beet juice. Naturally, I wasn’t happy with the result , my fourth of July cake looked nothing that resembled the flag of the United States of America. Needless to say, I was on a mission to find a solution to this matter! I have discovered that the original red velvet cake was actually made with  whipped egg whites that had been incorporated into the batter of a butter cake. When making red velvet cake we use baking powder or baking soda, these ingredients are to blame, beet and other natural food color have color pigments that are sensitive to pH and not only that they are sensitive to heat too. This is what causes the change of color. There you go second cake is about to be baked! For the second cake I choose to make a sponge cake, since a sponge cake doesn’t have any leavened and gets it’s height from the whipped eggs,I figured this shall work. I used the recipe from the “Lemon Posset Shortcakes” . I have prepared 30 grams of beet powder food coloring and mix it with the egg mixture. To balance the extra liquid, I added 15 grams of beet powder into the flour mixture. I then baked the cake for 15 minutes and prayed to God!

Here’s the results:

left side is the “red velvet cake” and the right side is the sponge cake.

Now that I got this figured out,I went on to finish the cake. I made the Raspberry preserve coating, simply place raspberry preserve in the microwave and heat till liquid, than “press through a strainer”,I also used cheesecloth since mine had seeds in the preserve.

If you are really want an upgrade of your traditional cream cheese frosting, you want to make this “Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting”. It has a delicate flavor and not overly sweet, so it makes it very dangerous to consume it in just small quantities. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

To make this, you’ll need a really good white chocolate with a high percentage, other wise the frosting will not thicken properly. Chop the chocolate, and melt it in the microwave. Last, let it cool down..mean while in a food processor, process the other ingredients till combined and once done add the melted chocolate and pulse till smooth.

So we made the red “velvet” cake for red, cheese cake and frosting for white and last the blueberry topping. For that matter you’ll need fresh blueberries and what is more fresh than just picked blueberries. The annual blueberry picking has arrived, my mother in law and I went for the job, we picked 18 lbs in 2 hours!

It is a very simple process put all ingredients in a small pan, set on the stove and stir constantly till thickened.

Stir  the blueberries in the pan and coat well, then place on a strainer for 20 minutes till chilled. Now that  we got our blue, it’s time to assemble the cake.


I didn’t follow the instruction in the book and used a 8.5′ cake ring to cut out both cakes, I then spread a thin layer of the raspberry preserve on the cheesecake.

I stacked the red cake on top of the cheesecake, covered with a plastic wrap and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Once the cake firmed up I used a blow torch to heat the side of the ring to ease the release of the cake. ( My cheesecake came out yellow,  since my eggs are fresh from the farm, the yolks are orange in color rather than pale yellow) I spread the frosting on top and finished with the blueberries.

Lets admit it, after the 4th of July celebration that usually involves a lot of food  i really a doubt if there is any room for desert but, this cake  is so light, a perfect harmony of texture and flavor.It’s creamy and has a perfect crunch from the berries. The base cake is an ideal replacement for the graham-cracker, and really we all had a hard time to put our forks down! A true ” all American” cake with all the fire works.

Have a Happy Independence Day every one!


  1. faithy says:

    Looks perfect! I like how you used raspberry jam to color the cake so red! That’s a brilliant idea! And picture perfect background with the flag. 🙂 My cheesecake was also on the yellow side like yours. I see some alpha bakers had really white cheesecake.

  2. orinlag says:

    Thank you faithy,I actually didn’t dye the cake with the raspberry, the red color came from the beet powder food coloring I made.

  3. Vicki says:

    Stunning! Simply stunning! I’m so glad you figured out this red food coloring mystery. I was tempted to make a white cake so that would not have worked either. Well done!

  4. Catherine says:

    Wow your cake is so perfectly neat! That was a good trick to cut out both cakes although it must have been tricky still to get the edges so neat and tidy.

  5. Milagritos says:

    What a gorgeous result, Orin! You were so clever with the natural beet colouring solution and I’m so glad you found your answer. How lucky are you to be able to pick your own blueberries? Great post!

    • orinlag says:

      Thank you,I love picking blueberries, there is much sense of satisfaction, not to mention they are so tasty nothing like, store bought.

  6. Joan says:

    Love your blog and blogsite. Your flag presentation just stunning. I too noticed your yellow cake and laughed because I didn’t have those wonderful bright egg yolks… I didn’t even think to use my wonderful ring to cut the cakes – it is such a great implement and I forget to use it. Your cake must have been delicious!

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