Rose’s Alpha Baker: Double Damage Oblivion P.61


Let’s start with a little confession here, For years my vegetable drawer was not to keep vegetable fresh but, only to occupy pounds of different types chocolate, yep I was a hard core chocoholic.needles to say when first I received “The Baking Bible”, I was dreaming about this ‘Double Damage Oblivion’.The cake is actually two different types of chocolate cakes,and amazingly good chocolate ganache glue them together, to one out of the ordinary chocolate cake.Naturally,it takes a large amount of chocolate to make this cake,so i made sure to use a good quality of chocolate, my choice was the %63  Guittard chocolate chips. aside of that you also, will need a lot of patience before the cake is ready.

for the first cake,Chocolate Oblivion. you’ll need just few ingredients and 3 pans.

melted chocolate with butter.

lightly whisk eggs.

put eggs on a water bath until lukewarm.

than whip them till eggs are” billowy and almost ready to form a soft peak”.

fold chocolate with whipped eggs.

pour to a 9′ inch springs-form pan and bake for 12 minutes. I than made the “deep chocolate passion” cake, and last the chocolate ganache.

to compose the cake,i first cut the chocolate passion cake to two layers. I than spread on each layer the raspberry sauce. I spread the ganache on the chocolate oblivion and placed one of the chocolate passion cake layer on top of it and inverted the cake. I spread another layer of ganache on top of the inverted cake and topped with the other layer of cake.To finish I trimmed the side of the cake and dusted the top with cocoa powder.

“This cake is a true chocolate lovers dream.It is very moist and melts in your mouth.  The chocolate ganache is very sweet and creamy and enhances the rich chocolaty goodness of the cake.  The chocolate flavor only gets better with each delicious bite without being overpowering or too sweet”…  a new chocoholic said.

we all were very quiet after our first bite, it’s was oh so good we just wanted to keep on eating…






  1. faithy says:

    Your cake looks so yummy esp. with raspberry sauce! And your plating so professional! I too like chocolate a lot and I eat chocolate almost daily but somehow this cake was too rich for me… first time I OD on chocolate cake..hahaha

    • orinlag says:

      Thank you faithy, i am sorry you had OD on that chocolate cake 🙁 the raspberry sauce was really on point. Thank you much for all your compliments.

  2. Vicki says:

    What a great photo tutorial! I forgot about the Guittard 63% chips. I love Guittard and had a difficult time finding lower percentage dark chocoate, finally finding Ghirardelli 60 % which is one of my least favorite brands, even though I live fairly close to San Francisco! I thought about poking holes in the warm cake to let some of fruit syrup seep in but saved that for next time. What is the white chunk on the plate with your cake? Such a great presentation.

    • orinlag says:

      I had hard time to find a good quality %60 chocolate too, and agree with you on that Ghirardeli not my cup of tea.the white chunks are white chocolate.about the raspberry sauce, i think it such a great idea, and i am going to adopt that.and,speaking of San Fransisco i used to live near by too…well, the bay area anyway…my favorite place to travel as well…oh, i miss route 1…

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