Cadillace Cafe Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding

cadillac cafe milk chocolate bread pudding

This weeks recipe starts with Baguette and clarified butter. Since I already prepared the clarified butter, I thought it’s a great opportunity instead of buying the baguette just to make it.

toast the bread

It was quite interesting to make the recipe since I never used a baguette in a bread pudding. Add to this brushing the sliced old baguette with the clarified butter, and then toasting them…already promised interesting flavor.

toasted bagguet

While the baguette was cooling down, I left the kitchen for a few moments. So I walked back near the kitchen, and heard a loud echoing crunch sound. I looked over and saw my fiance snacking on my toasted baguette! He apparently was confused and thought this was part of lunch…so I toasted another batch of baguette.

making the milk chocolate custard

Once that was done, I went on to make milk chocolate custard (I used the recommended chocolate, Guittard). To make the custard it requires just a few simple steps, like warming milk and cream, stirring in some eggs, vanilla and sugar, then last add the melted chocolate to the cream mixture, and that’s it. You’ve got pudding, how easy is that?!

assemble the bread pudding

After all components were finished, it was time to assemble. I chose a 4″ by 2″ heart shaped pan…making it with love. It was a bit tricky for me to arrange the bread in the little pan, but once the slices were moist, the task became a a little less frustrating.

baked chocolate custard

Since I didn’t bake the bread pudding in the recommended ramekins, I had some left over custard. It would’ve been a shame to not use it, so i poured it to four 3″ by 1.5″ ramekins and baked as instructed for a total of 55 minutes.

cafe cadillac chocolate pudding

The bread pudding came out beautifully and tasted as good as it looks. My taster loved that it wasn’t too sweet, such as other bread pudding recipes. He loved the crunchy top and said that it added texture to the dessert. The choice of baguette was perfect since the bland, stale flavor of the bread enabled the decedent chocolate to be more noticed.

love from a first bite

served with warm, home made raspberry jam.

the baking bible cadillace cafe milk chocolate pudding

Happy baking!


  1. Marie says:

    It looks like a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert! Jim also loved the leftover toasted baguette slices, and would have been very happy if I’d made another pan of slices just for snacking.

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