About Me

Welcome to Orin Goodies where I share all of my Home Baked Smiles. My passion was discovered by my Mom at age three when my dad arrived home from the market and set down two dozen eggs on the Kitchen counter. My Mom had to leave the kitchen for a moment, and when she came back, the eggs were all missing! A few minutes later, she found me playing outside with all two dozens eggs in the mud; ”Look at me mommy, I made you a Sabbath cake” I said. My Parents had a good laugh and joked that I was “born to bake”.

Fast forward to when I was in my teenage years, when I wanted to surprise my family with their favorite…a chocolate cake. Oh boy, when I came back to the kitchen it was hard to see anything but smoke, and then fire came from the oven! …This chocolate cake was more a deep dark chocolate cake 😉

I am here, to share with you all of you my tricks and tips, so that your kitchen doesn’t have to lights on fire! …All for the love of Cooking and Baking. Please join me through my personal journey. Be’teavoun …Enjoy!!!