New Spin On Rollie Pollies

a new spin on rollies pollies the baking bible

About a year or so ago, Rose came out with a new baking class on craftsy… so of course I signed up. One of the recipes that rose teaches there is the Rollie Pollie. The class is very informative and explains in details how to bake a successful cookies. For this weeks recipe, we are required to keep our left over pie scrap dough (which I didn’t). So I went ahead and prepared one batch of pie dough. Here’s how it turned out…

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Roses Alpha Bakers : Frozen Lime Meringue Pie p.240

frozen lime meringue pie

A few years ago my roommate made this bright green pie, that looks like something out of a horror movie, I was very suspicious about this “pie”. Come to find it was key lime pie, so to be polite, and to feed my curiosity, I tried a small piece. To my surprise this greenish pie tastes amazing! Of coarse I wanted to know the recipe. To my disappointment the “secret to this pie was a store bought key lime filling can. So needless to say, this week I was very excited to makeĀ  the real version.

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Roses Alpha Bakers: Molasses Sugar Butter Cookies-p.341


molasses sugar butter cookies
Finally, incredibly easy to whip up a recipe that made the house smell excellent when baking. I made this recipe with two substitutions, I used an unsulphured molasses and unbleached all purpose flour. this made the cookie darker. They baked for exactly 8 minutes and begin to get hard quickly. at the moment of truth, my tasters weren’t all over this cookie, it was too sugary for them. but, they loved the chewy crisp texture. Despite, my crowed not being fan of these cookies, I definitely will bake them again for the holidays. only, next time I will roll them carefully with turbine or brown sugar for a less sugary version. Here how I made them:

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Roses Alpha Bakers: Rum Raisin French Toast Royale p.440

One of the things that should be in the “must to do list”, should include making home made bread. You get to enjoy and watch how four simple ingredients become one of most loved foods. Sure you get to follow so many steps, and it might take a couple of days to make, but the final product is so rewarding.

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Roses Alpha Bakers : Pecan Parline Scheherazades P.404

pecan parline the baking bible scheherazade

Living in Texas, you’ll think that I will have much experience with pecan pralines. In fact pecans grow everywhere here and as the trees the pralines. Now that I am curious about this sticky candy, to my dentist advise, which might not be such a great idea having braces to have any candies as it could be a not so sweet after math. Nevertheless this didn’t prevent me having the joy of watching my fiance enjoying one after one these ambrosial treats.

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Roses Alpha Bakers: Lemon Icebox Cake -p.97


lemon icebox cake the baking bible

I guess I was a bit of a cake snob as I never made an angel food cake, usually it was all about the chocolate. well, to my satisfaction I grew out of it. Though as I get older I find that tangy,sour or a dark bitter chocolate is more to my liking. I am much more “adventurous” of trying new – anything. and it pays!

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